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By the Honourable Pierre Francois Casgrain,

Secretary of State of Canada

To all to whom these presents shall come, or who the same may in anywise concern,


Whereas, in and by Part II of The Companies Act, 1934, it is, amongst other things in effect enacted that the Secretary of State of Canada may, by Letters Patent, under his Seal of Office, grant a Charter to any number of persons, not less then three, who having complied with the requirements of the Act, apply therefor, constituting such without share capital, for the purpose of carrying on in more then one province of Canada, without pecuniary gain to its members, objects of a national, patriotic, religious, philanthropic, charitable, scientific, artistic, social, professional, or sporting character, or the like, upon the applicants therefor establishing to the satisfaction of the Secretary of State of Canada, due compliance with the several conditions and terms in and by the said Act set forth and thereby made conditions precedent to the granting of such Charter

And Whereas, Maurice Lionel Fitzgerald, of the Village of Loratteville, in the Province of Quebec, Vice-President, Donnacona Sales Corporation, Albert Philip Gower-Rees, Venerable Archdeacon, Church of England and John Jennings Creelman, One of His Majesty’s counsel learned-in-the-law for the said Province of Quebec, both of the City of Montreal, in the said Province of Quebec, have made application for a Charter under the said Act, constituting them, and such others as may become members in the Corporation thereby created, a Body Corporate and Politic, under the of


for the purposes hereinafter mentioned, and have satisfactorily established the sufficiency of all proceedings required by the said Act to be taken, and the truth and sufficiency of all facts required to be established previous to the granting of such Letters Patent, filed in the Department of the Secretary of State a duplicate of the Memorandum of Agreement executed by the said applicants in conformity with the provisions of said Act.

Now know ye, that I, the said PIERRRE FRANCOIS CASGRAIN, Secretary of State of Canada, under the authority of the hereinbefore in part recited Act, do by these Letters Patent, constitute the said Maurice Lionel Fitzgerald, Albert Philip Gower-Rees, and John Jennings Creelman, and all others who may become members in the said Corporation, a Body Corporate and Politic without share capital, by the name of


with all the rights and powers given by the said act and the following purposes and objects, namely:

(a)      To Promote loyalty to the British Empire;

(b)      To be of Service to the British Empire in times of emergency or whenever called upon;

(c)      To practise and develop semi-military training as recreation and education;

(d)      To assist in recruiting for His Majesty’s Forces when so required;

(e)      To assist in gathering and spreading information regarding the British Commonwealth of Nations;

(f)       To assist the Militia and Civil Authorities in maintaining law and order throughout the Dominion of Canada, when so required

The operations of the Corporation to be carried on throughout the Dominion of Canada and elsewhere.

The head office of the said corporation will be situate at the Village of Loratteville, in the Province of Quebec

And it is —-hereby—-ordained and declared that, if authorized by by-law, duly passed by the directors and sanctioned by at least two-thirds of the votes cast at a special general meeting of members, duly called for considering the by-law, the directors may from time to time:

(a)   borrow money upon the credit of the corporation;

(b)   limit or increase the amount to be borrowed;

(c)   issue debenture or other securities of the corporation;

(d)   pledge or sell such debentures or other securities for such sums and at such prices as may be deemed expedient;

(e)   mortgage, hypothecate, charge or pledge all or any of the real and personal property, undertaking and rights of the corporation to secure any such debentures or other secure or any money borrowed or any other liability of the corporation.

Nothing in this clause contained shall limit or restrict the borrowing of money by the corporation on bills of exchange or promissory notes made, drawn, accepted or endorsed, by or on behalf of the corporation.

It is further ordained and declared that the business of the said Corporation shall be carried out without the purposes of gain for its members and that any profits or other accretions to the Corporations shall be used in promoting its objects.

That the said Maurice Lionel Fitzgerald, Albert Philip Gower-Rees, and John Jennings Creelman, are to be the first directors of the said Corporation.

Given under my hand and Seal of Office, at Ottawa, this twenty seventh day of December, 1940

Pierre F Casgrain

Under Secretary of State