100th Anniversary of the Frontiersmen

Four members flew to London England to help the “Legion of Frontiersmen” celebrate their centennial anniversary. They stayed at the Union Jack Military Club in London England and toured the following:

War Museum                                                                   Tower of London
Hall of Surgeons and Barbers                                   Royal Mews
Royal Stables                                                                  Westminster Abbey
Guild Hall

The members also represented the “Corp of Imperial Frontiersmen in the following activities:

Mounted Parade from Buckingham Palace to Guild Hall

  • Staff Sgt. Richard Stanick and Corporal Doug White

Dismounted Parade at Guild Hall

  • Sgt. Bob Smith and Trooper Carter Delonouy

Century Reception and Banquet

  • Staff Sgt. Richard Stanick, Sgt. Bob Smith, Corporal Doug White, Trooper Carter Delannoy and Mrs. Joan Smith

Anzac Day Parade

  • Staff Sgt. Rick Stanick and Sgt. Bob Smith

Westminster Abbey Service

  • Staff Sgt. Rick Stanick and Sgt. Bob Smith

Frontiersmen General Meeting

  • Staff Sgt. Rick Stanick, Sgt. Bob Smith, Corporal Doug White and Trooper Carter Delannoy