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Commandants of the Corps

Brigadier Frederick Blackwell, L.M.S.M. 1940 – 1955

Was the Corp’s first Chief of Staff. Brigadier Blackwell had previously served with the imperial Army in WWI following which he served for 16 1/2 years as Wentworth Regimental Drill Sargeant. Although mobilized in 1939 fro service in the regular army he was excluded on medical grounds. He Joined the Legion of frontiersmen Shortly thereafter to become the The Corp of Imperial Frontiersmen, as a trooper in June 1940 and later that same year was promoted to Company Adjutant. He become District Adjutant, the following year and Brigade Adjutant in 1943 as well as 2 i/c 14th Brigade. Brigadier Blackwell was made Senior Commandant of the Corps in 1950 and remained as such until his retirement in 1955. He passed away in 1957.

Colonel William H. Hocken, G.S.O. (1) L.M.S.M. 1955 – 1960

Brigadier Blackwell, upon his retirement, was replaced by, then, Colonel William H. Hocken, G.S.O. (1) L.M.S.M. as the Corps Chief of Staff. He was, in addition, Chief Superintendent of the Civil Defense and Disaster Auxiliary Police for Ontario.

Brigadier R.W. Hammell 19?? – Present

Colonel Creasy was succeeded by Colonel Hammell who is the current Chief of Staff. He was promoted to Brigadier General shortly after assume the position of Chief of Staff. Brigadier Hammell has served with considerable distinction in the Corps since 1956, holding many responsible positions along the way, working closely with the O.P.P and local police forces in the St. Catherines and adjacent areas.

In 1985 the then Colonel Hammell, organized the British Columbia command of the Corps with the headquarters in Prince George. A security division was established which provided watchman and patrol services in addition to many other volunteer services. Brigadier Hammell’s dedication to the Corps and duty was and still is absolutely outstanding to this day.