Battle of the Bulge Competition

Battle of the Bulge Competition is held annually at CFB Shilo, Manitoba, Canada. It takes place on the anniversary of the Battle and includes shooting competition involving 3 Member Teams representing different Countries and Units in WW2 Uniform and Kit. Each Team is timed starting with a sniper shot at 400 meters at a 12 X 12 target in a bell tower, then ground targets from 400 meters down to 10 meters. After these targets are shot, each member has to maneuver through an obstacle course which includes climbing over, under and through obstacles and ends by climbing on top of a bunker to shoot a second set of targets from 300 meters down to 10 meters. There are approximately 40 targets in total, and the fastest time upon completion of ALL targets is awarded plaques, and a meal is served at the finish of the competition. The fastest time recorded –  under 7 minutes and held in some years in temperatures of below -30 celcius. The pictures shown here include Ed James, Carter Delannoy, and Rick Stanick representing Canadian Infantry. This competition sharpens the CIF member’s firearm and shooting skills while reliving military techniques of WW2.