Re-Inventors Filming Sept. 2007

For those of you who are not familiar with the TV Show “The Re-inventors”, it is based out of Regina Saskatchewan Canada and are two personable guys named Matt Hunter and Jeremy McPherson investigating old inventions to see if built today, would work. In this show, Matt and Jeremy are building Da Vinci’s mutiple cannon tank. Staff Sgt. Stanick built his own nine pounder¬† cannon that The Re-Inventors wanted to use as a “test” piece. This Nine Pounder has a range of 3500 Yards, 600 yards at 0 degrees, using a nine pound shot it fires 1200 feet per second with one pound of black powder. Matt and Jeremy wanted Rick Stanick to fire his gun using a lead projectile and one pound of powder to demonstrate accuracy, hitting power and recoil at a cinder block wall. (Make sure you look for the hole in the cinder blocks in the photo) As well Matt and Jeremy wanted to test the decibels of sound that firing the cannon creates in order to see if Da Vinci’s tank was feasible for a human to man it, considering the noise level. As it turned out, when Rick Stanick fired his gun from outside the sound booth – it was too loud to register on the sound meter.¬† Proving that anyone inside Da Vinci’s tank would have no hearing left if the cannons were fired. The recoil of the Nine Pounder was 12 feet. Notice all the safety measures that were taken during this photo shoot. A great time was had by CIF members, Trooper Delannoy, Trooper Smith, Trooper McFadden, Staff Sgt. Stanick and Cast and Crew of the Re-Inventors. They are great people to work with.